What To Expect

What to Expect


ACF Home Inspections Inc

Over 5731 Families In Orlando and Central Florida
Have Chosen ACF Home Inspection Inc
For Their Home Inspection Since 2001!

We provide our Clients the “Information” they need to make an informed decision about the Property Being Inspected in a Clear, Concise, Professional Manner, with Photographs .

The Reports Are easy to read in terms you the buyer and Your agent can understand.

In other words, we provide our Clients “Peace of Mind!”

Here’s what we Do.

Our Licensed Certified Inspectors will spend two to four hours to thoroughly evaluate all aspects of the Property you are purchasing, from the Roof to the Foundation and all areas in between.

The Inspections are preformed to meet the NACHI Standards Of Practice     http://www.nachi.org/sop.htm

Let me mention one other issue:

Home Inspectors in Florida are now licensed and regulated and the quality of work varies greatly. Insurance companies in Florida Require Licensed Home inspectors to perform 4.0 & Mitigation Inspections and Home Inspections to obtain Homeowner’s Insurance or to meet some lending requirements. Not many people, including most Real Estate Professionals, are aware of this issue. To save you time and money, we recommend you hire someone with the proper licensing to perform All your Inspection needs.

Only Licensed Home inspectors can preform A Home Inspection ( Contractors must be A State licensed as a Home Inspector to Preform a Home Inspection )

Professional Home Inspectors are State Licensed and A Member of a National Home Inspection Association

When Choosing A Home Inspection Company or A Home Inspector Also Ask For there License And Association Certification ( InterNachi , ASHI, FABI )


Remember a Home Inspector will never do repairs for a fee on homes they inspected, we are not affiliated or have any company pay a fee for referral repairs ( so beware of home inspectors that do repairs or have affiliations that pay them a fee for repair referrals)

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