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How to keep cool and cut home energy costs

The warm weather and long days of summer can give us a free and easy feeling - that is, until it's time to pay the utility bill. Utility costs can add up fast with increased use of the air conditioner, … [Read More...]

Four easy ways to warm up your home decor

As the chill of winter sets in, your home interior may be lacking the warmth and comfort you'd prefer. Fortunately, creating an inviting atmosphere does not require huge amounts of time or money. And you don't … [Read More...]

Tips to make a toddler’s room sustainable

Whether you've been taking steps toward green living or you're a newbie and want to jump start your efforts and reduce your carbon footprint on earth, one area of opportunity is your toddler's room. Two … [Read More...]

How to protect your greatest asset – your home – from subterranean termites

  When it comes to protecting your home's value, you have no control over some of the factors that influence real estate values, like nearby retail development or the job market in your … [Read More...]

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New mobile app puts flooring in hand

Applications for smartphones and tablets are everywhere today. And more than ever, people are using these applications to save time and money while finding that … [Read More...]

Homeowners’ emphasis on energy efficiency grows

Even in a volatile economy, homeowners are making home upkeep a priority. While the number of projects annually had been on the decline in recent years, a study … [Read More...]

Federal Pacific Electric Panels

Federal Pacific Electric Panels A federal pacific panel is one of the electrical panel that most home inspectors will note on there Home inspection report and … [Read More...]


The EPA recommends that homes should be tested for Radon every two years Radon is a naturally occurring, invisible, odorless, tasteless, radioactive gas … [Read More...]

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Tips for choosing the right water heater for your home

If all is working well, most homeowners put little thought into their water heater. But when this critical appliance fails, it can be a nightmare that halts a … [Read More...]

Experts offer help with holiday baking

The holiday cookie season - and baking season - has arrived, and home bakers are in a flurry finding favorite recipes, purchasing necessary ingredients and … [Read More...]

Protect what matters this holiday season

The winter holiday season is here, which means we can look forward to a lot of decorating, parties and possibly some travel during the next few months. But with … [Read More...]

Holiday dining gets fresh flavor with new uses for seasonal ingredients

When the weather cools, do your cravings turn toward peppermint? Or perhaps the approaching holidays are priming your palate for pumpkin and gingerbread. Some … [Read More...]

Gas-saving holiday travel tips

The holidays are for giving, but with all the driving around for shopping, parties and family events, you may end up giving more at the gas station due to … [Read More...]

Protect your family this winter with vaccinations

Whether you are an adult or a child, viruses, bacteria and disease can strike at any time and are not something which can always be dismissed with bed rest and … [Read More...]

Upgrades to refresh your kitchen for less than $2,000

Remodeling a kitchen is still one of the best value-enhancing investments you can make in your home. Remodeling Magazine's 2011-2012 Cost vs. Value Report says … [Read More...]

Boost your home’s curb appeal for a quicker sale

Selling a home in today's market requires a bit of marketing, some sweat and elbow grease, and a touch of luck. But even in a competitive selling market, it is … [Read More...]

Upgrade your pest control this fall

Where do bugs enter your home? The short answer: all over. Sometimes they crawl or fly in when windows or doors are open. They also slip in through cracks in … [Read More...]

Easy carpet cleaning tips and tricks from the experts

As the weather cools and daylight hours shorten, families tend to spend more time inside. After a long summer of open windows, sticky treats and constant … [Read More...]

When choosing an HVAC system, first consider your space and needs

When you're remodeling your home it seems that there's an endless list of design and decor choices to consider. At the end of the day, your decisions often … [Read More...]

Making the most of your money when it comes to estate planning

Setting up an estate plan is a good investment for the future. But you can also be a careful steward of your financial assets now, with careful and organized … [Read More...]

Seven unusual tips for hurricane preparedness

Unique tips to bring even the most thorough safety plan full-circle With hurricane season underway, those in the South and East are encouraged to revisit … [Read More...]

Is your home making you sick?

Your home - it's your castle, your sanctuary. But could the place you go to escape the rest of the world be bad for you? Formaldehyde, chloroform and even … [Read More...]

Plumbing primer: The most important system behind your home’s drywall

Do you know what's behind the drywall in your home? Unless you've ever had a home custom-built or have personally worked in construction, you might be unaware … [Read More...]

Easy kitchen updates that won’t break the bank

It goes without saying that the kitchen is one of the hardest-working rooms in the home. For most, it's the heart of family life and usually the one room where … [Read More...]

Five reasons why buying a home is still a good idea

A still murky economy and uncertain real estate market may have you wondering if buying a home is a good idea. Whether you're thinking about buying, or already … [Read More...]

Signs that termites might be invading your house

Termites live to eat. Their hunger causes $5 billion worth of damage each year in the U.S., damage most homeowner's insurance doesn't cover. In fact, a colony … [Read More...]

Save in style on the hottest supplies for the 2012 back-to-school season

When it's time to prepare for the start of a new school year, shopping for school supplies is at the top of any family's to-do list. Students want supplies that … [Read More...]

How to create the perfect kids room

Nurseries and playrooms on television and in magazines might have you thinking your child could use a more playful environment. Some of the more elaborate … [Read More...]

A lot on your plate? These quick chores won’t make you late

Time is very valuable to busy parents with active lifestyles. Between work, school and family plans, the big rush to get everything accomplished leaves little … [Read More...]

Seven ways to help jumpstart your retirement plan

Everyone knows that they should be putting away money for retirement, but for those who haven't started saving, it can seem like a daunting task. Even though … [Read More...]

Unscrambling the myths behind eggs and cholesterol

When it comes to eggs, dietary cholesterol and heart health, what you think you know may be a bit scrambled. Concerns over dietary cholesterol and its impact on … [Read More...]

Five golden choices for investors

In the dark about how to invest in gold? Despite gold's increasing value and popularity, many folks don't know where to get started. If that includes you, … [Read More...]

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